January 29, 2009

Praise God!

As I sat and wrote about needing prayers for my Papa Rod, my phone rang for the 1 hundredth time from the hospital. My "unresponsive, on life support" Papa Rod has opened his eyes and turned his head! God is so great! The biggest problem the doctors were having this last 48 hours was determining what made his life stop for 10 minutes. They are thinking that since it was the first day he had eaten something in 2 weeks, that it shot back up into his esophagus and got stuck! This caused him to stop breathing. The doctors exact words to us just now are: "He is not a 22 year old boy, he is a 77 year old man. It will take him a long time to recover from this, but I believe he will." PRAISE GOD! Please keep praying for him!

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